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The Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council (OLPC) was formed in January 2005. Located in Elmira, Ontario, the OLPC is dedicated to helping the livestock and poultry industries improve their ability to respond to an emergency animal disease outbreak.

To date, there are 21 member organizations, four associate members and six ex-offico members of OLPC including livestock and poultry groups, farm service, feed, processing and veterinary organizations.

The Council is industry funded and provides a forum for the livestock and poultry industries to come together to develop strategies to deal with important animal health problems.


OLPC Achievements

  • In 2005, OLPC had success with Lobbying for Office of the Chief Veterinarian
  • Advocated for the Animal Health Act which came into effect in 2009
  • On-going advocacy for the financial support of the Animal Health Laboratory
  • OLPC partnered with Agricultural Response Materials Management Inc. to establish an inventory of emergency response equipment and materials
  • Since 2007, quarterly newsletters are published on OLPC activities and animal health topics
  • OLPC developed biosecurity checklists, articles and presentations
  • In 2009 and 2010, OLPC coordinated an on-farm biosecurity survey to assess what resources their members require in order to heighten their level of protection
  • Assisted in writing revisions to the On-Farm Carcass Disposal in the Environmental Farm Plan Workbook
  • In 2008 OLPC helped develop an Ontario Emergency Carcass Disposal Planning Guide and Workbook for municipalities.
  • On-Farm Biosecurity Resources were developed with support from OMAFRA
  • OLPC developed resources to be used in farmer biosecurity workshops under Growing Forward 2 and Canadian Agricultural Partnership.
  • OLPC wrote a communication piece targeting tour organizers and farm hosts for foreign visitors to farms
  • OLPC has coordinated and/or participated in nine biosecurity and emergency response sessions for commodity groups and municipalities
  • OLPC continues to send out disease alerts and media articles on animal health topics


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